Marunadan Malayali: Citizenship Amendment Act

My debate on CAA, hosted by Marunadan Malayali at Ayyankali Hall (formerly VJT Hall), Thiruvananthapuram. Other panelists were Raju Abraham (MLA), Jyothikumar Chamakkala (Congress), V V Rajesh (BJP), and C P John (CMP). Moderated by Shajan Scariah, the debate was held on 31 January 2020.

Janam TV: Kerala Opposition’s resolution

First and second parts of my debate on whether the Kerala government will accept the request from the Opposition to present a resolution against the Governor, on Janam TV. Other panelists were C R Jose Prakash (CPI), Vinod Sen (Congress), and P R Sivasankar (BJP). Anchored by Maya Balagopal, the debate was telecast live on 28 January 2020.

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