Times Now: Declassification day debates

I was on Times Now today in two special live broadcasts with Padmaja Joshi. One was to discuss some of the letters about Netaji, which were declassified today. The second was the Times Now special broadcast on declassification. Some of the other panelists were my friend Anuj Dhar, Netaji’s daughter Anita Pfaff, and grandnephew Ashis Ray. Unfortunately, the videos of the debate are not available.

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Times Now: Debate on declassification day eve

Mission Netaji’s long battle since 2005 will taste a major success tomorrow with the declassification of the first tranche of Netaji files. Times Now’s Anand Narasimhan conducted a debate with Netaji’s nephew Ardhendu Bose, grandnephew Abhijit Ray and me on the panel, on the importance of declassification. Unfortunately, the debate video is not available.

Capital punishment: Debate on Times Now Newshour

I was a panelist on Times Now Newshour with Arnab Goswami recently. The topic of the debate was the necessity of capital punishment in India. Video is available here.

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