DailyO: Why Indian cinema needs films like An Off-Day Game

My column on the wonderful Malayalam film An Off-Day Game (Ozhivudivasathe Kali). Attempts like this give meaning to the experience called cinema.

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Movie Review: Boyhood

A movie becomes successful when it takes the audience for an enjoyable ride with it. The pace at which the movie progresses should match the pace at which the viewer wants to watch it. Imagine a movie that introduces to you someone’s boyhood, showing the same boy from his first grade to the 12th, and travelling through the moments of joy, despair, and hope in his life? Call it Boyhood.

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Movie Review – Angels

What would play in the mind of a debut director when he attempts to resolve a murder mystery through his first film? Aren’t his prospects better if he co-authors the script? I am sure his mind would be a furnace, burning with all the twists and suspenses he can fit into his story to make it even more exciting. Jean Markose did that just right in the first half of his debut film Angels. But he failed to keep up the momentum and spoiled the thrill in the second half of what had the potential to become a dream debut.

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Movie review – Jessabelle

I have a strong liking for horror films. I have watched so many of them that in order to please me, they now need newer themes and presentation styles. I came to know about Jessabelle this week and gave it my 90 minutes today. It is a film that can be categorised in the found-footage genre, but has more to it. I am not particularly pleased with it, but it isn’t bad either.

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Movie review – Gone Girl, Annabelle, & Before I Go to Sleep

I watched three films that were on my watch-list this weekend – Gone Girl (family thriller), Annabelle (horror), and Before I Go to Sleep (thriller). Gone Girl is about the search to find out a missing girl and what happened in her life. The film starts off very slowly, and for a Hollywood movie of this type, looked unusually longer. I didn’t see any extraordinary performances in the film, be it in casting, acting, or screenplay. The characters looked just okay, and the indifference of the lead character portrayed by Ben Affleck not only irritated the media in the film, but me too as a viewer. The final 20 minutes of the movie had life, but even the ending part looked agonisingly stretched. I would give it 5/10.

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Movie Review – Varsham

Life for some people is nothing but an expedition to make money. Although it may appear that such people don’t have a life beyond business, they also have emotions and personal attachments. PK Venugopal, the hero in Varsham, is one such complicated character. He is someone who has tried even shady ways to grow his gold finance company. He plans for the future of his son and even secures him a paid medical seat in advance. Although he appears as a gentleman to the people around him, he carries a purposive and devious approach in his relationships, evident from his reluctance to bother about the wellbeing of his domestic help.

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Moview review: Munnariyippu

Malayalam film industry has, of late, found some wonderful scripts and casting that go beyond the conventions it used to keep and follow. This change has a lot to do with the unorthodox performances of the newcomers in the industry and the comeback of talented film makers and serious scripts. Munnariyippu is one such film. The film announces the return of director Venu and Mammootty, and the presence of the relatively new Aparna Gopinath.
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