DailyO: What our politicians should learn from MS Dhoni

My column about what our political leaders should learn from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s stepping down as captain of the Indian team.

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Why Donald Bradman chose Arthur Morris for Invincibles

There is no dearth of great opening batsmen in world cricket, but when Bradman selected his dream team, his choice of openers did raise a few eyebrows. He omitted legends like Jack Hobbs, Sunil Gavaskar, Len Hutton, Dennis Amiss, Conrad Hunte, Bob Simpson, and Herbert Sutcliffe, and reserved the spots for the South African Barry Richards and his own buddy Arthur Morris. Morris’ was more justifiable because Richards had played only four Test matches. But it was not modern day statistics that Bradman considered for his team; he had more insights into the capabilities of the two openers, especially Morris.

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