DailyO: A proud Malayali explains why Modi’s Somalia comment has hit false Keralite pride

Here’s my column on the prime minister’s remarks of Somalia in reference to the tribals in Kerala and the merit of the controversy that followed. Devoid of political colour, the statement was on target.

Being a Malayali, I can shut my eyes off and attempt to make it dark for everyone. By comparing the Gujarat numbers with Kerala numbers will only please my ego. On a serious note, the issue Modi mentioned deserves serious discussion. We should not be analysing the statement through the spectrum of politics alone. There is no dearth of policies in the state to bring the tribals to mainstream. Serious questions should be asked about the effectiveness of these programmes, including the the flow of funds and most importantly, as to why the tribals are leading their lives comparable to the way their ancestors lived several decades ago.

Read the column on DailyO by India Today.

Photo: India.com

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