Was Netaji in Tashkent in 1966? No

A new report has now surfaced, stating an unidentified man in the Tashkent discussions in 1966 was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. But it is clear that such a forensic report where the analyst himself has pointed out that various other possibilities including the Tashkent man being a Netaji lookalike, and the need for further analysis on the skin tone, frontal bone, hair pattern, nose, ears, and eyes, can we really say the report is conclusive? Sound judgement is “No, it indicates only a possibility”. Millar has also said only that much.

For easier understanding, if we map the observations to a 5-point scale system – amid the differences and need for further studies – Millar gives a score of 3.5 to the possibility of the Tashkent man being Netaji – that is a 70 per cent possibility. At the same time, the analyst ends the report by saying, “However, should additional imagery or information be supplied of the Tashkent Man or Subhas Chandra Bose be provided, the results of my analysis might change.”

Tomorrow, in light of fresh evidence, it might turn out that the man was Netaji himself or someone else, with 100 per cent accuracy. The current revelations only stress one point – declassification of secret files from the Indian archives and foreign archives is a must to settle the Netaji mystery. Rumours will only help spin incredible conspiracy theories. We have had enough in the last seven decades.

What gave me a shock was the New Indian Express report that said the researchers of Mission Netaji made this startling revelation. That’s completely wrong. I am one of the five founder-members of Mission Netaji and we have no connection with this report. The people who the report claims to be the members or founder members of Mission Netaji are in no way connected to Mission Netaji.

Are we to think that Netaji would hide in India and suddenly appear at a place where top Indian and Pakistani leaders meet? In a meeting that would get huge attention in India? Why would he remain in hiding then!

Photo: Dailymail.co.uk

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