Reasoning with Aamir Khan on his sudden realisation of intolerance

I am trying to reason with Aamir Khan through this article, over his sudden realisation of intolerance. But he never mentioned the reason for feeling intolerance in the country. It is surprising to note that he chose to keep mum when the underworld-Bollywood ties were exposed. He never condemned the activities of his friend Sanjay Dutt when he got arrested under the TADA provisions. He never thought whether it would raise intolerance if he acted with Dutt in PK. He even said he felt secure and relaxed in the company of this convict. Aamir never raised his voice against the senseless fatwa imposed on AR Rahman for composing song for a film about Prophet Muhammad. It is a fact that Aamir dislikes PM Modi. He had campaigned against Modi in the past and had endorsed a petition asking for a visa ban on Modi. Whether Aamir likes to hate Modi or not is up to him. But to further his thoughts, he shouldn’t have stated there is a growing intolerance in the country. Our tolerance level is much better than most countries, and the only times when we felt intolerance was during The Emergency and the Babri Masjid demolition. Dear Aamir, if I were you, I would have called myself a hypocrite, at least in the privacy of my bath. I hope you also do that.

Read my column on DailyO by India Today.


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