Why Salman Khurshid likes Nawaz Sharif and hates Narendra Modi

The wily old Khurshid conveniently hid from the public view the terrorist threat India faced from across the border, which is the prime reason for the unfriendly relations between the two countries. Khurshid went one step ahead and praised Sharif for whatever Pakistan does to curb terrorism, the effect of which is seen only by Khurshid, not his fellow Indians. It was only a few months ago that the terrorist attacks in Gurdaspur and Udhampur happened, the origins of which were traced back to Pakistan. Indian government does not have any responsibility to own up Khurshid’s short-term memory loss or stupor. Maybe Khurshid fears he cannot come back in one piece from Pakistan after indicting them of cross-border terrorism! Khurshid’s statements have only that much credence. The statements will make a day’s headline in India, and then rest in Pakistan.

Read my article on DailyO by India Today.

Photo: Indianexpress.com

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