Shashi Tharoor on Mission Netaji and declassification

Met the Thiruvananthapuram MP Dr Shashi Tharoor on September 23 to discuss Mission Netaji and our declassification campaign, at his invitation. Tharoor said he supports the declassification of Netaji files and all documents older than 25 years. He is of the view that destruction of foreign relations should not be an excuse for not releasing documents older than 65 years.

He said he hasn’t come across any secret Netaji files while he was the foreign minister, but I told him we have official written communication from the government about the number of secret files in the possession of Prime Minister’s Office, Home Ministry, External Affairs Ministry, and other ministries and government departments including intelligence. He gave a patient listening and promised more discussions in the future.

Tharoor was kind enough to tweet the Mission Netaji appeal to the Prime Minister to declassify the Netaji files. He also shared it on Facebook. Mission Netaji expresses its sincere thanks to Dr Tharoor for becoming perhaps the first Congress leader to openly support the declassification movement.


And here is Mission Netaji’s gratitude:

Here is the Mathrubhumi report of Tharoor’s tweet.


You too can help us by signing the petition and sharing it with your contacts. Please go to



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