Shashi Tharoor, Congress owes India reparations too!

Shashi Tharoor’s avowal of colonial quantifications at the Oxford debate was a revelation to many. But in the larger perspective, to a round-eyed audience, he presented only the facts he saw through one eye. The other eye, which should have focused on the crimes of his own party, was tightly closed. When he pointed his finger at colonialism and asked for reparations, three other fingers were pointing back at Tharoor’s own political abode for continuing the colonial style to this age and time. Tharoor should think how a depleted Japan and a forbidden Germany got rid of their past and became the economies they are today, and reflect on what happened to our own India under the 55 years of Congress rule. Only an impotent and enslaved nation needs reparations from its colonial masters; what we need are corrections, and that should start from the very political unit to which Tharoor belongs.

Read my full article on DailyO by India Today.


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