My article in Emerging Kerala Magazine by DC Books

The May-2015 issue of Emerging Kerala magazine by DC Books carries my article on the Netaji mystery. This is an analysis of the secrecy about the disappearance of Netaji and the lame reasons the Indian government cites to establish his death. Mine is an attempt to place it side by side with the available documents that debunk the plane crash theory along with the historical absence of the protocol Japan should have followed if Bose had actually died in Taihoku.

The essay also explains about a mysterious monk who lived in Uttar Pradesh until 1985 and the revelation of an inquiry commission that the monk was none other than Netaji in hiding. Finally it points to the secret files stashed away in various union ministries and the significance of bringing them out. The article was earlier published on the online news portal of Emerging Kerala. Sincere thanks to associate editor Mr Dipin Damodharan.

Click here and here to read the article. Alternate online link is here.

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