Netaji: A matter of public interest; well, sometimes!

During the last general election campaign, the BJP challenged the UPA to disclose all the secret files about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, in public and national interest. Rajnath Singh tweeted this on 23-Jan-2014 and he spoke about it in Cuttack where he garlanded a Netaji statue. A few months after swearing in, the new BJP government rejected our RTI petition asking for the declassification of those files, for the same reasons its political adversary cited for dismissing such requests earlier. We were also told that the government does not see any public interest in this matter.

But still some prominent people within the party continue to demand for the unconditional declassification of those files. Dr Subramanian Swamy tweeted yesterday to put pressure on Narendra Modi for declassification. In a recent NewsX channel discussion where Mission Netaji’s Anuj Dhar and Bose family’s Chandra Bose also participated, Dr Swamy said the current BJP government will make all such secret files public. It was also good to see MDMK’s Vaiko asking the centre to not go back on its promise of declassification.

The truth about Bose, like the fourth Asiatic lion in India’s national emblem, is conveniently hidden from the public view, with the national motto ’Satyamev Jayate’ at the base of the emblem goggling at our perpetual stolidity. Netaji should no longer be a hidden lion in a political game of thrones. Please tweet #DeclassifyAllNetajiFiles and support the cause.

Image: Rajnath Singh garlanding Netaji statue in Cuttack. Courtesy:

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