Movie review – Gone Girl, Annabelle, & Before I Go to Sleep

I watched three films that were on my watch-list this weekend – Gone Girl (family thriller), Annabelle (horror), and Before I Go to Sleep (thriller). Gone Girl is about the search to find out a missing girl and what happened in her life. The film starts off very slowly, and for a Hollywood movie of this type, looked unusually longer. I didn’t see any extraordinary performances in the film, be it in casting, acting, or screenplay. The characters looked just okay, and the indifference of the lead character portrayed by Ben Affleck not only irritated the media in the film, but me too as a viewer. The final 20 minutes of the movie had life, but even the ending part looked agonisingly stretched. I would give it 5/10.

Annabelle is about a theme that is familiar to movie watchers of the horror genre. The film does not show any new scaring symbols, and relies on the background score alone. For a possessed doll, the filmmakers did justice to the doll by not showing it moving around on its own, except in one scene. After a very promising start, the movie retracts to follow the same old story line that is tried umpteen times in English films. But nevertheless, the film is not a bad watch, and makes good use of darkness in a few impressive scenes. I would give the film 5.5/10.

The best watch of the weekend was Before I Go to Sleep. It is the story of a woman who loses her recent memory every morning as she wakes up. With the help of a psychiatrist, she tries hard to reconstruct her memories and find out the reason for the accident that made her amnesiac. Both Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth performed adorably in the movie, although I liked Firth more for his excellent underplay of the lead character. The film has decent supporting cast, and a touching final scene too. The thriller element in the film is one to watch out for. I would give the film 7/10.

Image: Before I Go to Sleep – Theatrical poster. 

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