The fuss about a kiss!

A group of youngsters by the name Free Thinkers organised a mass kissing event – Kiss of Love – at Marine Drive, Kochi yesterday evening. The declared intent of the event was to whack heavily at the concept of moral policing. While I am against moral policing, I am equally against mass kissing. I don’t see any problem in two individuals engaging in a simple kiss or a passionate kiss even in a public place. For grown-ups, a kiss is an intimate moment of a relationship and its privacy. What can be achieved by doing that in public? Is love something that can be ignited at the ring of a bell or push of a button?

Moral policing is an encroachment into one’s privacy, and a mass kissing event in a public place is also an encroachment into others’ privacy. One has the right to be nude in his bedroom because it is a matter of privacy. But when someone does that in public, it is not any more a thing of privacy. All I understand is that the organisers wanted to make some noise and get some public attention, which I think they got at the end of it. But it was at the cost of the purpose of the strike. What message has this event sent out to the moral police? If the organisers were serious, they could have invited the general public to gather there, invited someone to speak on the occasion, take an oath, and conduct a candlelight vigil. That would have made sense, after all.

Image: Kiss of Love supporters in Kochi. Image courtesy – Wikipedia.

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