Trivandrum Brevet!

Till the end of 2013, I was a regular in the Trivandrum Bikers Club rides ferreting out the undying charisma of Trivandrum city, its coastal areas, and hinterlands. I rode my MTB in a fantastic team to Shankumugham, to Vellayani, to Pothencode, to Attingal, to Anchuthengu, to Muthalapozhi, mostly under a searing sun or a mesmeric moon, often taking far-out and arcane routes, doused in rain, dirt, and sweat, sustaining an adventitious fall or a muscle pull at times. No other ice stick has been more luscious than the ones sold at the Shankumugham beach, and no AC has been more calmative than the squeaking ceiling fan in my rented house – after a full ride!

Although my cycling slumped into abeyance for a variety of reasons, I am happy for my friends who moved forward from there and wrote history in Ponmudi when the Jacks and the Jills went up the hill to fetch a tale of valour – without taking a stop or breaking the crown. A few became entrepreneurs and started a bike shop to promote the hobby. A few shed unwanted pounds and became unidentifiable from their archaic profile pictures on Facebook. The old reincarnated into their adolescent avatars. A few repainted the wall by introducing a new logo, tagline, and jerseys. And now the latest – they are organising a randonneuring event in Trivandrum – The Trivandrum Brevet. The peregrination on pedal power continues!

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