When State Bank of India denies customer service

Had to visit the SBI RACPC branch in Trivandrum today to get the copy of a 22-page document. On account of some inspection there, the staff refused to give the document today itself. They cited several other reasons too – heavy workload, staff shortage, time to search for the document, effort to take photocopies, and what not. Spoke with two Chief Managers without much luck. I asked the staff for details of the information officers and everybody pretended they were hearing those words for the first time. Finally, I roamed around the branch and found out the details displayed in a corner. A computer monitor was installed right in front of the appellate officer information, blocking the view from the public. I finally met the Assistant General Manager and asked for the stipulated time frame within which such documents should be given upon request. The AGM didn’t divulge any information and told me that it was not possible to get the document today itself. She spoke arrogantly and even attempted to snipe at me when I spoke about Right To Information and Right To Service. I moved out of her cabin, took a photo of the concealed RTI notice board, wrote an email to the Chief General Manager about the incidents, and attached the photo.

Soon, the Technopark branch manager and Personal Banking manager spoke to me on phone, and in 10 minutes, I got the document in my hand, duly attested – a document that would otherwise need several days to reach the customer! Just then I received a call from the Deputy General Manager offering an apology. I told him that I waited at the bank for 2.5 hours to get the document. The DGM told me my case should have been resolved in 5 minutes and the inspection should not have been an excuse for denying the service I requested for. Couldn’t help but walk into the cabin of the AGM, smirk at her, look into her eyes, take a long pause, and say “I got the document I wanted, along with an apology from the DGM”. There she was, all pale, winking repeatedly, and just stammering out the word ‘o…k…’. Her looks suggested that she had already learned what Right To Information and Right To Service were, thanks to the DGM/CGM! I quietly closed the glass door, still looking into her eyes, and sporting the same smirk on my lips. Customer is truly the king, if he so desires! And by the way, did I tell you that on my way back, I saw the computer monitor kept on a chair, away from the notice board? 😉

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