Singh to step out, Gandhi to step in!

Manmohan Singh says he is not interested in becoming Prime Minister again. The whole nation mourns the impending retirement of an able politician and leader. The poor, the-once-rich, and the rich-turned-beggars are weeping inconsolably in the streets from the North to the South and from the East to the West. Singhji, to remember you forever, please wave your magic wand and raise the fuel and LPG prices at least twice more before you leave; there’s a little money left in our bank accounts! 😉

Present is not promising. Future looks no different.
As Singh steps out, in comes the youth icon of the nation Congress party, Rahul Gandhi. He is a great leader by all means. I will have to consider myself a failed professional if I equate my achievements with those of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul and I started our political and professional careers around the same time (mid 2000s). He joined a major political party and earned a Lok Sabha seat immediately, whereas I joined as a fresher in a small company. Going by his standard, I should have joined at the General Manager level of an MNC although both of us didn’t have any prior work experience. In three years’ time, he became the party General Secretary, Youth Wing In-charge, and Students Wing In-charge, whereas I was just shaping into a senior professional. By his growth rate, I should have become the Director, Department Head, and Centre Head all at once. In another 6 years, he became the Vice President of the party and the second most powerful person in it, whereas I am the manager of a project in a large account in my company. By his rate, I should have become the CEO of the company. And more interestingly, he is projected as the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate! By that scale, I should have been nominated as the company Chairman now! Isn’t that enough to conclude I am a failure? But the most comforting fact that gives me an edge over Rahul is that neither my parents nor my relatives run the company I work for! 😉

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