When CNR Rao’s generalisation backfires!

A senior scientist like CNR Rao should show more civility

I read online about ‘Bharat Ratna’ CNR Rao’s opinion that techies are a bunch of unhappy guys who work only for money. He says that he reads everyday in newspaper about the suicide, murder, or divorce of some techie.

Dear Mr Rao, I have read in newspapers that you have been caught for plagiarism in research papers several times. I have read that your paper in the ‘Nanotechnology’ in 2009 was plagiarised from a 1995 paper by ZC Huang and a 2005 book by Peter Yu and Manuel Cardona. I have read that your paper in the ‘Applied Physics Express’ in 2010 was plagiarised from a 2008 paper by P Matheu. I have read that almost 30% of your paper in the ‘Journal of Luminescence’ in 2011 was a straight lift from a 2009 paper by Grigorios Itskos and a 2006 paper by George Heliotis. I have also read that your paper in the ‘Advance Materials’ in 2011 was plagiarised from a 2010 paper by Surajit Ghosh. Mr Rao, based on these facts, do you want me to understand that all scientists are plagiarisers?
It is easy to blabber about such generalisations and invite attention, especially when one enjoys media coverage and news value. But one should have the common sense to understand that all are individuals and suicide, murder, or divorce can happen irrespective of one’s profession. Everybody works for money too; job satisfaction is a priceless by-product. Rao can look at these pages before he moves his tongue to make such a remark next time: scientists who committed suicide and murdered scientists.
Photo: nanoacad.org

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