Apple’s gimmickry to keep people interested in iOS!

I have been testing the Apple iOS 7 betas on my iPhone 4S from the first release. Save for a few features, the OS has been really disappointing and in no way it shows any serious improvement till date. Hopefully it will gain significantly lesser response time and higer stability before it is released to the public. I still don’t know what made Apple think about redesigning their GUI rather than adding valuable features to the existing design. The GUI now looks Android-ish and has become flat (good) but pale and lacklustre too. 
Here are the goods and the bads of iOS 7.

The good

  • Calls and messages from unwanted numbers can be blocked.
  • FaceTime voice calls can be made.
  • Messages show sent and received time when swiped left.
  • Control centre introduced.
  • Automatic updates to apps.
  • Background refresh of apps.
  • Any number of apps can be stored in folders.
  • Better GUI for the app store app.
  • Messages sent from other apps use iMessage only if the other number supports iMessage.

The bad

  • Poor stability and slower response.
  • Control centre cannot be customised. All people may not have the same preference when it comes to the four apps shown in the control centre.
  • Unwanted brightness adjustment slider in control centre. Accidental swipes can change your preferred settings.
  • No need for airplane mode in control centre. Accidental tap can kill your network and data reception.
  • UI text is awfully thin. It is not easy to read the names of callers.
  • Visual representation of weather missing from notification centre.
  • Quick post facility to Facebook and Twitter not available in notification centre.
  • Unwanted animation delay when waking up the phone.
  • Nonsensical indicator for network signal strength. It consumes a lot of real estate in the information dock at the top.
Obviously, the bads overmaster the goods. I am disappointed with iOS 7 beta 6 too (released today morning), and am switching back to the good old iOS 6. Apple will need to break the ground to bring me back to iOS 7. 🙂

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