Why attempt to combat the hardest with the softest?

I am deeply saddened by the news about the death of the 23 year old girl in the New Delhi gangrape case. It is good to see the youth and the old protest against the atrocity in unison. But it is important to have a vision and a mission to such protests. The mob cannot demand to catch the culprits because they are already arrested. Now the whole of India must ensure that those people are tried and punished. But are our laws capable enough to do that in the most appropriate way?

I am all for giving the opportunity to the accused to prove their innocence in any criminal case, not just this one. But they must know that if they attempt to defend themselves but fail in it, the punishment would be even more severe. We know our laws are ineffective, don’t we? Following the death of the victim, at best our government will ban second shows or bus services at night! Why can’t we have the Saudi Arabian laws implemented here? I wonder why people oppose that. Only those who do crimes need to be wary of it. Those punishment methods are inhuman, but for inhuman crimes, do we need softer punishments? Introduce amputation, blinding, stoning, hand chopping, and beheading! Fear of law is the beginning of responsibility!

2 thoughts on “Why attempt to combat the hardest with the softest?

  1. At one time, even petty thieves like pickpockets used to be hanged in England. It did not prevent such crimes. In the case of rape and even murder, some of the cases may be spur of the moment actions and the assailant seldom thinks of the consequences.

    The rape law in India is by no means soft. The minimum punishment is seven years rigorous imprisonment. The culprits will have a hard time in jail since the other inmates hate those who commit crimes against women and children. So they would not have an easy time.

    Right now, the accused in the Delhi rape case are reported to be so scared of being roughed up by fellow prisoners that they step out of their cells only for meals.

    The Saudi Arabian methods are barbaric and not suited for a modern democracy. Then again, what happens to those framed by the women or police? The law works on presentation of hard evidence, not emotions. Another problem is that the culprits would try to destroy evidence by killing off the victim.

    Such crimes would continue to occur in our towns and cities. People should take enough precautions for their own safety. Even in New York, it is dangerous to walk in certain localities and parks because you will get mugged, if not killed.


  2. @കിനാവള്ളി: How can spur of the moment be a justification for a crime of high degree? As of now, they don't think about the consequences because the laws aren't strict. If they know that they will get the capital punishment, at least a big percentage of people will refrain from it. You cannot correct the whole society will laws, but definitely the crime rate will come down. And regarding the current punishment, it is by no means severe or hard. Seven years rigorous imprisonment is the best punishment that can be given to someone who has destroyed the life and dignity of a woman? No way. Rape is a crime of higher degree than a murder.

    Don't think that all the inmates of the jail will treat such criminals differently. The crime rate and sexual abuse in jails are also higher. Rape is a barbaric crime and we need barbaric punishments for such crimes. Why does the society fear such punishments? Only those that do such crimes need to be wary of it. I wonder why you attempt to lessen the degree of the crime by saying things like 'spur of the moment'. We need solid evidences in proving the case, which is easier in case of rape. So framing someone isn't really possible in it.

    I agree that such crimes will continue but the point is bringing down the rate gradually. I also agree that enough precautions should be taken in the society because the harm once done is irrevocable.


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