Movie review: Padmavyooham

Today, I watched the film Padmavyooham, directed by my friend Bijoy PI. It is about a 250-year old myth related to the wealthiest temple in the world. The introduction to the film gives the viewer an idea about how Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma developed the kingdom of Travancore. The “myth” is that the idol of the temple is capable of working as a water valve which can let the sea water in and out of the temple in case of an emergency. The fictitious part of the movie suggests that this construction design was adopted by the king to be used if his kingdom was usurped by invaders. What if some people attempt to misuse it today to destroy the city? That forms the story of Padmavyooham.
The movie has a riveting theme, excellent casting and dubbing, mystery-emanating lighting, admirable art work, melodious tunes, and adequate technical backing. As in any pro director’s film, the switching between scenes is seemless and entertaining. Almost all the faces on the screen are fresh, but you wouldn’t feel it as the story progresses. Noby Tharian and Sajeev Nair were brilliant!  
Glitches? There are, but you would expect that from a debutant director’s film, wouldn’t you? Bijoy and his devils have kept them to a minimum. Compare it with the films of other debutant directors and actors, and you would feel the difference. Finally, it was awesome seeing the name “Bijoy PI” appearing on the screen. How many directors would be bold enough to use the same whole scene to begin and end a film with, and still keep the audience interested? We need more film dreamers like Bijoy and not film rapers like Santhosh Pandit!

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