Another Azad Hind Day!

October 21! The day in 1943 on which Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose formed the first free India government “Azad Hind” in Singapore. The government had its own bank, currency, court, army, civil code, postal department, civil administration wing, radio service in 8 languages, council of ministers, and what not. It had recognition from more than 10 countries. People contributed generously to his government. A businessman in Burma gave his entire fortune of 1 crore to Bose and demanded only an army uniform in return! Azad Hind declared war on the Allied powers and drove away British forces from South East India with the help of Japan. Bose and the war heroes of those battles later inspired the Indian soldiers in British India and ignited the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny in mid-1940s, which according to Clement Attlee was “the factor” that hastened the British decision to grant freedom to India. His army’s war cry “Jai Hind” is now the official greeting among the officers of Indian forces. Salute to the immortals of Azad Hind!

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