AdGuard exists for a reason,more significant than ever before

I have always been a fan of free and open internet. But often, ads come in the way of this experience, uninvited. I am not against ads as such, and I know the business reason why ads exist, and the business model they offer to the internet services/apps to keep their offerings free. But the issue is something which the ad makers and the internet services often ignore conveniently – privacy and intrusiveness.

Privacy in the internet world is becoming even more relevant with each passing day. Ads often come unsolicited, and would be without context, plain boring, or even downright offensive. The common factor in all these instances is that they are intrusive. I would appreciate textual ads in minimal words as a means of revenue generation for the internet services/apps, but cannot agree to the idea of images, banners and videos in such ads. Besides being intrusive, they also consume internet data and might slow down an already slow internet connection. When it comes to browsing websites, such types of ad eat up a lot of real estate on your screen, which is quite annoying. Even more so, when they appear on a mobile device.

I have been on the lookout for a permanent solution to this problem. I tested several plugins and apps, but none was found even closer to the experience offered by AdGuard. I started with its plugin for the Chrome browser on my Windows PC, then on Safari on MacBook, and then on the iPhone. The experience AdGuard offers has been sublime as it would cut out and re-plan the browser space to make the content look better and neater. Across these platforms, AdGuard would have helped me stop and remove more than 300,000 ads.

After using various models of the iPhone for 6 years, around a month ago, I switched to an Android device. The amount of ads we get in the Android apps is way more than that on their iOS versions. And here too, AdGuard has been my silent sidekick, quietly fighting out all the ads to offer a very satisfying experience – one that takes care of my privacy and personal time.

From personal experience, I can vouch that AdGuard exists for a reason; a reason that is more significant than ever before. It is my resistance to keep intruders away from crawling into my internet privacy and time.

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