Mohanlal captains Kerala Strikers in CCL: My predictions!

There is news that Mohanlal will captain the Kerala Strikers team in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). The team is owned by Mohanlal and Lissy Priyadarshan. My best wishes to the team. Here are my predictions! 🙂
Mammootty will announce his retirement even before selection, as doctors advised it was risky for a seventy year old man to get hit by the ball. Moreover he will be angry that his request for permission to use cooling glass while batting was turned down by the organisers. Prithviraj will arrange a press meet to record his dissent over the policy adopted for selecting team captain.

The team will manage to reach the semi final thanks to some good shows by Indrajith, Jayasurya, and Vineeth Srinivasan. But Prithviraj will score a 50 in the semi final and become the man of the match. In the post match presentation ceremony he will express his disappointment that he wasn’t appreciated by Mohanlal for his match winning effort. But he will be happy that he was congratulated by the great batsmen Denis Compton, Victor Trumper, and George Headley. He also had 19 missed calls from Frank Worrell. When the presenter will say “I am surprised; all four died years back”, Prithvi will retort “Oh is it? I am also suprised. Anyways, I will check with Supru once again”.
And Kerala will enter the final! Due to good understanding while running between the wickets, as in all previous matches, Prithviraj will again make Asif Ali run out. Mohanlal will have some urgent engagement in the Income Tax Office and will be late to come to the ground. In a crunch situation, Lal will take the ground wearing a helmet that sports the Kerala team logo. Match referee Sukumar Azhikode will stand up and protest saying that he will not allow the batsman to have double protection for the head. He will demand Mohanlal to take off either the helmet or his wig. But even before Mohanlal could reach the pitch and take guard, third umpire Thilakan will flash the red light indicating the batsman is out. Jagadeesh and Maniyan Pillai Raju will be held up in the kitchen and cannot come out and protest. Kerala loses. Post match, AMMA will release a statement that the team will not play if there are umpires to officiate their matches in future tournaments.