Receive and send HTML type Windows Live mail on Windows Phone

I am using a Windows Live (Hotmail) email address on a Windows Phone 6.5 (HTC HD2). The phone has a built-in program designed for using Windows Live applications. While it supports sending HTML messages, it does not have the capacity to download messages in that format. So, when you download messages to your phone, it displays the messages unformatted, even without proper line breaks. Everything, including the salutation, message, signature, and advertisement text (if any) appear in one long line, without line breaks. Imagine how annoying that can be!

There is an alternate way to download the messages in the HTML format without using the Windows Live application. That is to use the standard POP3 configuration. But the problem with this method is that the phone will search for all your messages on the server during each download attempt, even the messages that are already downloaded to your phone. Needless to say, the whole process takes a long time and drains the battery.
But there is a tweak to receive and send Windows Live email messages in HTML format on a Windows Phone. 
Try the following steps:
  • Use the Windows Live web mail forwarding option to forward your incoming messages to your Gmail address. (Hotmail Options > Managing Your Account > Email Forwarding)
  • Configure a standard email account on your Windows Phone, of type Other. In the Email Address field, type your full Windows Live email address. Clear the check box asking whether you would like getting the settings automatically from the internet. Choose Internet Email as your email provider. (You may configure the settings by using your Gmail address in the Email Address field, but it fails irrespective of the following configurations as the system attempts to push outgoing messages through Gmail itself.)
  • In the incoming mail server, give your Gmail incoming server address, type, and user name. See for more information on this.
  • In the outgoing mail server settings, give your Windows Live mail outgoing server settings. See for more information on this.
    That’s all! Now you can receive your Windows Live emails in HTML format and can still send your outgoing messages through Windows Live mail. This has an advantage over other methods. You will get all of your messages in both Windows Live mail and Gmail, including the sent messages. If you can add a rule for the incoming message (that is, if the From Address matches your Windows Live email address, then move the mail to the Sent folder), everything is perfect!

    Update: If you are unable to bypass the automatic email configuration prompt when trying to perform the second step mentioned above, specify your email ID incorrectly (say instead of After you finish the configuration, go back to Tool > Options and correct the email ID.

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