World Cup 2010: Italy team preview

Regular readers (if any!) of my blog would know my interest in sports, especially in cricket and football. It is time for football fever again as the 2010 world cup kicks off in Jo’burg. As always, my favourite team is Italy, irrespective of whether they win or lose. Last time (in 2006) I wrote the preview of the Italian team on my blog. This time, for a change, I wrote it for You can read the article here (Shortened URL at

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010: Italy team preview

  1. Italy was my favourite team all through these years alongside Argentina and England but I feel I'm no longer attracted to them at all. Totti and Vierri were real crowdpullers but now there is no real magnet in that Italian side except for a few hyped up stars. Yeah, Buffon is in the ranks but it takes more than one magicman to take Italy there again.

    Good luck to Canavaro and boys although except for de Rossi I dont admire anyone else. And Gatusso is more interested to do the Sreesanth shows than anything more. Hope he has changed and doesn't involve in any high-up antics in WC. 😛


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