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History book in school teaches a student that the first Indian insurrection against the British happened in 1857, in Meerut. But more than half a century before that, a Malabar king had taken his brand against the British. That is the historical importance of Pazhassi Raja. This big budget Malayalam film by Hariharan-MT-Gokulam Gopalan chronicles the dauntless life of that patriot who sought the help of tribes and muslims in assisting his force to win back the control of Malabar.

In one line, Mammootty as Pazhassi Raja was perfect. I can’t imagine a different face for this gallant warrior. Even then it is to be doubted whether his supreme acting skills were tested to the limits in the film. In fact, the film is about Pazhassi’s plans to fight the British and how his men and women attempt to accomplish them. The valiance of the Raja himself seemed to be softened in the movie, but that gave enough room for others to showcase their abilities too. Action sequences are handled by his two trusted aides-de-camp – Edachena Kungan (Sarath Kumar) and Thalakkal Chanthu (Manoj Jayan). Sarath Kumar was brilliant with his screen presence, matureness, and actions. It is wonderful to see the two 55+ year old stars of South Indian film handling things with ease. Sarath Kumar stood out as the best actor in the movie. Manoj Jayan did very well as the head of the Kurichyars. Padmapriya was at her supreme best and fortuitously, she got enough opportunities to display different moods. She graciously cavorted through the jungle in adventurous scenes. At times, she was a silly lass looking forward to be with her man. She was equally brilliant in moments of exhilaration and devastation. Suman as Pazhayamveedan Chanthu gave out the expressions of a dishonest officer who later sided with the British. He was brilliant!

The early shots involving Jagadeesh and Jagathy were nothing less than nettling that it dampened the overall effectivity of those scenes. Lalu Alex was a let down as Emman Nair. This actor has been in the industry for about 30 years, and it is so saddening that he knows only one way of acting. The very same expressions, the very same dialogue delivery, and the very same movements as seen in his cinemas. Harry Key was unimposing as Assistant Collector Thomas Baber. His expressions and body language seemed very amateurish.

The visual beauty and sound effect ensured that there never was a draggy moment in the entire length of the film. The dissatisfactory aspect of such a mammoth film was the want for punching dialogues. The film boasts about visualising only the real incidents that happened in the life of Pazhassi Raja; but I doubt that. The movie is to be prised as it is an awesome tribute to a collective and audacious effort to uphold human rights, which sadly, failed to materialise. I would give the film 8 out of 10.

21 thoughts on “Movie review: Pazhassi Raja

  1. Nice review..planning to watch the movie this sunday..guess its already declared a hit rt?…yeah..heard the same..sharath and Mammoty have done well..


  2. Sreejith nice to see you back again and a cute looks to your blog…

    great work dear.

    Nice to see your review on pazassi raja. I think I should view it in theatres.

    I plan for monday.
    Will let you know my feedback through blog.


  3. Excellent template, Sree!
    I realised just now that it has been ages since I commented on a blog.

    Came by, to read your take on Pazhassi Raja.

    The valiance of the Raja himself seemed to be softened in the movie, but that gave enough room for others to showcase their abilities too.

    That so brilliantly sums up why Pazhassi Raja (thankfully) doesn't resemble a super hero. And this is exactly what makes this film a hatke se experience!


  4. Re: VN

    Thanks for the comment V!, after a loooooooooooong time. Your blog was brilliant and it was so saddening a decision to kill it. But your reviews are brilliant, and it has become a habit for me to read your reviews before taking a new CD!


  5. It's a very informative review because it gives very constructive feedback about the movie. I am not a Mamooty fan but I too agree that I can't think of a better actor to take on this amazing role. I wish I can see the movie when it is shown in Delhi.


  6. Hey..thanks for the review. You talk sense here. I was actually tired of all those mammootty-mohanlal forum fights and was about to call it a day…

    As luck would have it I was lucky to stumble upon your blog and another one..will be of help before I go for the movie this week least my expectations are fermented's the other one – Too Good…


  7. @ Sangeetha

    Thanks for the comments on this page. I do not belong to that league of Mammootty or Mohanlal fans. πŸ™‚

    Go and see the movie. It will be an experience you will like much.


  8. The valiance of the Raja himself seemed to be softened in the movie, but that gave enough room for others to showcase their abilities too.

    Well said….

    Came here to see the review and you have summed it up very well..


  9. your review is accurate. Sarath Kumar easily stood out as the best actor.. Mamooty punches below his weight as an actor, partly due to the role, considering his enormous skills.

    overall i liked the movie.. but perhaps i expected a bit more (given master story teller MT's supreme skills and invariable comparisons with the team's other movies).


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