Why not Mahesh Bhupathi?

I was glancing through the list of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award recipients, and to my shock, I found the name of Mahesh Bhupathi missing on the list. Bhupathi is a winner of 11 tennis grand slam titles and runner-up of 8. I wonder what else he needs to do to be selected for India’s highest sporting honour, given the fact that he and Leander Paes are the greatest achievers in Indian tennis history. In grand slam titles, Bhupathi has 11 and Paes 10.

2 thoughts on “Why not Mahesh Bhupathi?

  1. yes you are right… their names should also be included…

    You know.. our Indian government does not have value for any sports other than cricket… I did not comment on khel ratna but normally they are the same…

    That is the reson we do not have good players coming up for olympics…


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