Another plagiariser on the Web!

I once tasted the frustration of someone stealing my thoughts and publishing it as his own, when the ‘renowned’ Dr Dipak Basu of Nagasaki University lifted my blog post and published it almost unchanged in the RSS weekly ‘The Organiser’. You can read that experience here. Today I found another fraud on the Web. The person lifted my blog post on CelCabs and published it unchanged here. I reckon all of the posts on the blog MSJawahar are lifted from random blogs.

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  1. that is so heartbreaking to suddenly find somebody else taking credits for your own work. it is like robbing of your own kids and taking them to beg…

    have had similar experiences before with a newspaper..


  2. Re: Abhilash

    Yes, the laws apply to blogs also. I have clearly given the copyright laws on my blog, but still someone wants to take the ownership of my work…


  3. Sreejith I think placing copyright is not the only solution…

    You(blog/website owned by you) needs to be registered under copyright laws to be called a copyright website…

    I think so…


  4. Sreejith, I think the person got the message! That post is now deleted..heheheee.

    What shameless individuals! Any idea how we can prevent such plagiarism?


  5. So very terrible that people do such things!
    I'm so sorry to know this happened to you!

    Otherwise, hope all is going well in your life & you are well & happy!

    Take care!



  6. Re: Abhilash

    I don't think that is required. I had consulted this with some experts. They told me that placing this information is enough. Need to verify.


  7. Re: Scorpio

    Hahaha.. Thanks Scorpio; I hadn't noticed the deletion! I had posted a message on his blog regarding this!

    Well, I am unable to give you an answer for that. Plagiarism in blogs is most common now. Some people notice it, and some don't. It takes a lot of effort to track these individuals and proceed. Most people wouldn't bother. Flagging is an option to report such issues. But I am not sure how effective that could be.


  8. Re: Margie

    Hey, welcome back!

    The person deleted the blog post! That is some really good news.

    Yes, other than that everything is fine. πŸ™‚


  9. Was checking the link ..I guess the post is deleted now ..Is this teh second time that it has happened for you? I remember reading a post of your's sometime back conveying the same ..


  10. Re: Rohit

    Yes, the person deleted it. This is the second time. First was in the print/online media combined! That link is also given in this post…


  11. OOPS!

    Well…. on the brighter side. PEOPLE WANNA STEAL UR POSTS…so see how precious u r! πŸ˜€

    On a serious note… can u not claim a compensation or some kind of penalty for this act?!


  12. Re: Marutham


    I don't think it's worth the time and money. For example, if you want to file a case against The Organiser, you need to file that in Mumbai or Delhi.. 😦

    And this case, you don't know who this stupid MSJawahar is! πŸ™‚


  13. Re: Abhilash

    Thanks for the reminder Abhilash. I have been a bit over the last two weeks. And when there was time, there was no network. My BSNL EVDO was not working. Now took a Reliance netconnect. I shall come up with something soon. πŸ™‚

    Great to know you are following!


  14. Well yes am back to blog after some long break….
    Regret for the long absence..will try to be regular from now on ;D


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