Two golden rules of the CPI (M)

The CPI (M) expects its associates to comply with the following golden rules:
  • Hock your tongue to the party when you are selected for a post, provided you belong to the minority ingroup. If you speak, disciplinary action follows. If you want to be a permanent party figure, flog your tongue instead.
  • Back the party and the leaders of the majority ingroup, however vitiated they may be. The more you fend for them, the greater you become. For example, E. P. Jayarajan, M. V. Jayarajan, and P. Jayarajan.
To end the crisis, the following options may be considered:

4 thoughts on “Two golden rules of the CPI (M)

  1. Well, its all in the name of discipline..All this will make a cow laugh. Look at handpicked goons like Kodiyeri, Sudhakaran and co who speaks a bit better than the bona fide slumdogs, and ultra-crook Pinarayi, who is the top honcho of these disciplined ruffians.

    Oh dear, which way is this world going? CPM is talking about discipline and fairplay. Well, why dont we bring in Sunny Gavaskar to talk about attacking cricket? ;))


  2. Hi Folks,
    I have samsung S3500.. like nokia i'm not able to turn incoming calls to slient by pressing any key..
    I need to decrease volume key from left..
    Any single key to silent incoming calls??


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