Deshabhimani newspaper sells hotdogs!

An interesting news appeared in yesterday’s Deshabhimani newspaper. The front page news details a record created by a foreigner in an eating contest. The paper says the man ate the meat (flesh) of 68 dogs. By doing so, the man surpassed his own record of 66 dogs. Actually, it was a hotdog eating contest! The paper translated the news from an English website and the silly billies who translated, edited, and approved the pages thought it actually was the meat of dogs! The paper carried a note of regret today. The funniest thing is that the paper tries to educate the readers what a hotdog really is!

To read the paper report, click here. To read the apology, click here.

25 thoughts on “Deshabhimani newspaper sells hotdogs!

  1. This is the best piece of newspaper bloops I've ever come across. I dont know to laugh or cry.

    Well, Im happy that this happened to Deshabhimani. 🙂 This legend is going to continue for years even if the paper shuts down in the future.

    PS: We've to appreciate they put up that apology. Their 'readers' woudnt have noted the big miss, you get what i mean? 😉


  2. I have request to the Deshabhimani editors.It is high time they have to stop this job.
    Pacha malayalathil parayukayanengil
    pathram nirthi cherakkan pokunnatha best.


  3. Re: Scorpio

    Now that Scorpio is an even better comedy than the original one by Deshabhimani. Liked your comment a lot! Their readers would not have noted this!!!!! Apology was surely needed!!!!!!!! ROFL


  4. Re: Kuttan

    Good one… a really good one… Imagine the backstage scenes that must have happened there.. Someone saw this news on some website… translated it… took it to the chief editor's desk (as it is the front page).. that fool approved… and then it went for publishing…. Imagine the standard of the proof reader, editor et all… 😀


  5. Whoz talking about proof reading and editing in Deshabhimani? Even a child knows that it is run by a few 'red'-blooded folks whose grey matter is no better evolved than the Cro-magnans.

    I dont know how an educated and thoughtful human could be at the helm of such ass-wipe papers which propogates Communist ideologies into society…an ideology repeatedly and repeatedly proven to be a stupid one all around the world. Proof-reader… huh..

    Spoof readers, you mean?


  6. The translation made by ‘Desha – Apamani’ fits well with the present education policy in Kerala. Even a high school student will do the same with the type of education offered to the students in Kerala.
    What a shame to the people of GOD’S OWN COUNTRY!!!!!!!!


  7. These kinds of mistakes happen very regularly in Malayalam Newspapers. I am a regular reader of Mathrubhumi online. I have noticed several mistakes in Mathrubhumi also, because of verbatim translation. But have never come across such a hilarious and serious mistake. The guy who printed this story should have just used his commonsense to think whether it is possible even by a super-human to eat so many 'dogs' in such a short time? By the way, the apology made the error more noticeable, otherwise the readers of that kind of a newspaper would not have even realized what it actually means.

    I think all Malayalam newspapers should have better educated staff, having better English and General knowledge to handle international news. By Better Education, I do not mean better degree, but better knowledge.

    Another side of the story is that why a newspaper in India should print such a silly news article, which does not carry any news-worthiness here. Why we need such news articles?


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