What was Yusuf Pathan for?

It is time Team India thought about their batting order, at least in one day internationals and T20s. I was perplexed by seeing the Indian team and the batting order in its second Super 8 match, against England. The two changes seemed senseless. Irfan and Ojha had been bowling well and they were replaced with similar kinds of players. Dhoni even said during the toss that the two omissions were not based on performance, but was based on the overall team structure. I wonder what that was, with a left arm seamer (Irfan) being replaced with another left arm seamer (RP Singh), and a left arm spinner (Ojha) being replaced with another left arm spinner (Jadeja). Of these changes, one all-rounder (Irfan) was replaced with another (Jadeja). RP should have come in for the out-of-form Ishant Sharma.

One thing I still can’t digest is the batting position given to Yusuf Pathan. He is an ideal number 4 batsman, at least in T20s. You get only 20 overs to bat, and you need players like Yusuf consume as much balls as possible. Based on the recent form and player profile, India could have sent in Yuvraj at 3 and Yusuf at 4. All other teams like to play their big hitters up the batting order, like Wright for England, Gayle for Windies, and AB for Proteas. See what the Indian team management did – they sent Yusuf in at 7 and he managed to get just 17 balls in the end – just 17! They must have been preserving his big hitting for the end – thank god, they sent him ahead of RP at least!


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  1. I'd say Dhoni n his Youngistan needed this shock treatment badly. Now they'd come down to mother earth. Let them identify and rectify where they went wrong.Cant play short pitch stuff, cant chase on turners…where are we headed?


  2. Re: Scorpio

    Absolutely. The next stop is the West Indian Islands. Taylor, Edwards and Co. are not bad in bowling short pitch deliveries either! Should be some test for MSD!!


  3. Nasser hussain, I think, in one of his stints at commentary stated that India are out of the t20 because they have been technically found out. That is the truth and nothing else.

    But as scorpio said , brings them down to earth and hopefully for the better. It will now be a test of Dhoni's leadership skills to get his team back on track.


  4. Re: Rohit

    Ah! It's a good point you are making. I agree.

    I think the Indian junior players were exposed a lot by the IPL.

    Let's see what happens in the West Indies from today… 🙂


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