Need taxi in Trivandrum? Dial 2453553

Most people who have come to Trivandrum; especially those that live here, must be fed up with the unusual taxi fares in the city. Many have at least once argued with drivers over taxi fares. The government decides a rate, and the drivers decide another. If you cannot pay the driver’s rate, you may look for another alternative. Since that alternative is not available, you are forced to pay them the rate they ask for. I once sought the help of a traffic police constable in such a situation and even he could not help me out. The policeman argued with drivers for about 15 minutes, and finally I gave up on it. All these years, people were forced to yield to their demand as there was no alternative. For example, for a distance of 8 kilometers in the city, the original rate (as decided by the state) comes to around Rs 120. But taxi drivers demand between 200 and 300.

But now, you have an alternative! I found this great service by Celcabs. All you need is to dial 04712453553. They will ask about the trip details including date and time. You can enquire about the rates and get the exact figure by quoting the running kilometers. The taxi will come at the specified location to pick you up and the meter reading is counted between the two points of your journey. So, if you want to go to Technopark from Ulloor, and suppose the car comes from Palayam, you don’t need to pay for the journey from Palayam to Technopark. You have to pay only for the trip from Ulloor to Technopark. I think that defines this useful service. Drivers do not demand anything more. Additionally, you will get sms‘ from Celcabs after vehicle booking and journey end. Vehicle and driver details are sent to you in the first sms and your feedback is requested in the second. They also go to other locations, beyond the city limit, at special rates. So, the next time you want to hire a taxi, consider making use of this service which helps you not only to save your money, but also to avoid tough driver dealings.

Before this post ends, for the example of 8 kilometer journey that I quoted above, Celcabs charges you only Rs 115!

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  1. Sounds like to me you are fed up with people taking advantage of others. Kudos for you for taking a stand and offering good people a better way of helping themselves. Perhaps if wenpugh use the service, the taxi drivers will get the hit of either charge correctly or go OUT of business.



  2. well, i guess if you change the name of the city, we would find similar horror stories everywhere…Delhi is notorious for its auto drivers. B

    ut as you said, there is now an alternative…even here, in delhi, we have radio cabs. This was a space waiting to be occupied, since people are fed up with the dalylight robbery happening…all that is needed is an increase in scale…


  3. Hi Sreejith

    This is what I call “cometh the hour ,cometh the blog”..seriously informative post especially since I am from Trivandrum πŸ™‚
    First time visitor to your blog through most of the posts in the first page..nice ones.


  4. Re: Rohit

    Thanks Rohit. In fact, I availed their service this week too. I wanted to go from KDPuram to technopark and it was only Rs 165 for the drop. Normal taxis charge you 300 for it…


  5. Thanks for the post man! Wonder how many citizens of Trivandrum is aware about this..I dont means techies and the affluent, but the 'local' locals. πŸ™‚

    I'm dissociated from Trivandrum life for a few years, so this question: How much would an auto cost you for the same distance?

    And I guess this one will be GPS enabled like they have in BIAL. ~And which car do they use>? Indica?;)


  6. Re: Scorpio

    Actually people that know this are rare! πŸ™‚

    For an auto, it would be Rs 46-47 for 8 kms now. They demand more, but you can insist on travelling only with the meter on.

    This is a call centre assisted service. The drivers would call up the call centre at the start and end of the journey and quote the meter readings. They calculate the charge and pass it on to the driver.

    Indica and Indigo, AC and non AC… πŸ™‚


  7. Thanks a lot!! great piece of info!! Helped me to search for a taxi. Should save me at least 150 per trip πŸ™‚

    Is there a call 'auto' by the way πŸ˜‰


  8. @ Ramachandran

    Yes, a really helpful service when compared to the rates charged by other taxis. Their rates are still higher than the government rates, but way below the other taxi rates.

    I haven't yet heard about a call auto service… πŸ™‚


  9. I called up the Trivandrum one recently to find out that it costs 180 Rs. for two hours (which includes 16 kms), and 14 Rs. for additional kms. 60 Rs. waiting charge per each hour.

    I will be using hem shortly. Hope it helps.


  10. Thanks a lot for the info. CelCabs' new number is 60609090 (prefix STD code). Now they are at Trivandrum & Attingal, along with Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, & Mangalore-Udupi-Manipal. Likely to start soon at Cochin, Coimbatore, & Chennai. Tariff plus terms & conditions are on the internet at online.


  11. Your are wrong the worst service in Trivandrum, they are charging 11 rs per km for Indica, when other are only charging 8 rs per km for AC INDICA, so how can you say its cheap


  12. Sreejith

    Many thanks for the info. I think my ride from airport to hotel (10kms) will cost about 200 (including tip) compared to Rs.400/- quoted by all other taxis.



  13. One of the worst service in Trivandrum, the cars are very bad and full dirty, and they charge 11 rs per km for extra km is this you are saying cheap


  14. @Anonymouns: This post was written ~2.5 years ago. Their charges have gone up, for obvious reasons. Even now, there is no taxi service in Trivandrum that offers a rate cheaper than theirs. If you this so, please give me the details of the cheaper service that you found in Trivandrum. Take it as a challenge!


  15. Did you try to call the number listed on that link? I called them and checked the rates to Technopark from Kesavadasapuram. It is 11 km and their rate is INR 240. With Celcabs, this comes to INR 234, which is an advantage of INR 6. They told me that the rate of INR 120 per hour given on the site, is their waiting charge for long trips! πŸ˜€


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