Why does BCCI fear ICL?

Why does the BCCI want to impose a ban on the ICL? Everybody knows the career span of a sportsperson is so small. The ones who succeed may go and play for about 20 years, but that is a maximum. ‘Unofficial’ leagues like the ICL offer a decent income for a lot of first class cricketers, and for those that are no longer considered for national selection. Why do you want to stop their income?

There is no reason why the BCCI should fear the growth of ICL. No active Indian cricket ‘star’ has been picked up by the ICL. Therefore, it is not about stardom or money. The only apparent thing is that they want to have the monopoly of the game. Save a few New Zealand and Pakistan cricketers, the ICL does not have much active international cricketers in its showcase. It offers career opportunities for a lot of youngsters who have never been considered by the BCCI, Ambati Rayudu for one. The BCCI has been inflicting its hatred on all people associated with the ICL. It has gone to an extent that Indian cricketers are not allowed to be part of any team that features an ICL player; neither does it allow them to play against any team that has an ICL player.

All these observations are applicable to the ICC also. Is this a new form of apartheid, for the ICL cricketers are no criminals? Then why does the BCCI despise the league and its associates so much?