Don’t forget the basics!

I had this troublesome situation last Friday. I had to complete a document and send it for technical review. I started working on the document from 4 PM and was able to complete it by 5.30. Just then, my right foot accidentally tapped a cable near the CPU and the screen was blank. Worried, I reconnected the cable and started the machine again. I was broken into pieces when I realised that the file was last saved at 4 PM – back to square one! All the changes I had made were gone! I then had to spend more than an hour to redo the document.

Moral: Do not forget your basics. Use any of the following options:

  • Use auto save feature if available.
  • Save the document at least every 10 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget the basics!

  1. talk about basics!I’ve been learning this lesson over n over again that ‘move’ ing is dangerous, and ‘copy’ ing is safe. I still don’t seem to learn it right, though! darn!


  2. Re: UshaCorrect. That is another mistake I have been doing for years now. in a frenzy, I always move or delete files and folders instead of copying and trying to open… 🙂


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