Sasi sir passed away

One of my beloved teachers, Mr PG Sasidhara Kurup, passed away this morning (Dec 05). He was my Mathematics tuition teacher in high school, and was the director of Model College, his own educational institution. He is one of the two teachers that I hold so dearly in my mind. I used to send him greeting cards, I used to call him on phone, I used to visit him at times. The last I saw him was a year ago, when he came to bless me on my wedding. Sasi sir, I love you.

May his soul rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “Sasi sir passed away

  1. Sad news for you!I’m sorry for your loss but sure his memory shall always be a blessing for you.How wonderful he got to be at your wedding.Happy New year, my friend!May it bring you peace, joy and good health.Margie:)


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