Review: Chrome – Google’s web browser

I downloaded and tested Google Chrome yesterday. Chrome is Google’s own web browser. As the company describes, it has a minimal design. Chrome comes with good features like its own Task Manager, Paste and Search option, resize-able text fields, and the like. 
Even though Google advertises about its safer safety settings, I found its password management to be too flimsy. There is no option to set a master password to control all the other passwords stored in the browser. It will show you all the saved passwords at the click of a button, which is very unfortunate. One thing you will readily notice is the absence of toolbar for options like File, Edit, View etc. Most of these options are integrated into the Control the Current Page option shown next to the address bar. The Stop button is integrated into the address bar, which is a bad idea. The progress of page load does not appear in the browser, which also isn’t anything great.

The best thing about Chrome is that it has Crash Control. Even if one page crashes, it will not affect other pages. Open the Chrome Task Manager and manage the pages opened. You can view pages in the Incognito mode, which will not store the history of that page. Safe Browsing is another option that warns you about potential web threats. You can also create application shortcuts to your desktop, start menu, or even quick launch. The pages thus shortcut can be opened in its own independent tabs. You can also drag out tabs separately and later drag them back into the window. You can also duplicate a webpage in an individual tab. Chrome also offers multiple options to close tabs. And of course, just type something in the address bar, and see the choices listed by Chrome!

Since Chrome is still in beta, we can expect it to be a better baby in its next cycles of growth. I will surely try this one in the future also. Before ending this post, I must say, I liked this browser very much! 🙂

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