Gr’8′ tag!

I admit; I am not a regular here now. May be it’s time I gave it a thought. I have been busy in personal life like never before, and had to find time for ‘those close to me’ rather than spend it for myself. Now that I have found balance in whatever I am doing, this tag assigned by someone who wants to become an author may bring me back to normal blogging. But, that is not a certainty! Anyway, this has something to do with my favourite number ‘8‘. The judge has ordered me to furnish the following details, and I do. These eights may change of course, as new things come into memory and old things go out from there!

8 things I am passionate about:

  • My family
  • Indian flag
  • A regular reader of my blog must have this one in mind. 🙂
  • Slow melodious songs
  • Books, magazines, and articles
  • Controversial and unfamiliar subjects (like Cryonics and Moon Hoax)
  • Elegant looking fonts
  • Mobile phone themes!
8 things I want to do before I die:
  • Find truth
  • Become columnist with a newspaper or website
  • See the whole of Kerala
  • Be a good leader and show others how things could be done
  • Be with my family at Pandalam always! 🙂
  • Give my ideas the shape of a house
  • Found an orphanage and old-age home
  • Feel contented looking back
8 things I say often:
  • I’m good
  • That’s correct
  • Ok bye
  • Hello
  • Enthaayi?
  • Wow
  • Aha
  • That’s fine
8 books I last read:
  • Not much reading of late, although I refer English Dictionary and Back from Dead quite often.
8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
  • Apke pyar mein (Raaz)
  • Oru rathri koodi (Summer in Bethlehem)
  • Chandrakantham kondu naalukettu (Padheyam)
  • Sooryakanthee (MS Baburaj hit)
  • Smrithi than chirakileri (Doordarshan oldie)
  • Onnini sruthi thazhthi (Doordarshan oldie)
  • Puthu vellai mazhai (Roja)
  • Thaliritta kinaakkal (MS Baburaj hit)
8 people I think should do this tag:
  • You!!!
It was fun doing this tag Sri, on my birthday!!! Expecting more troubles from you! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Gr’8′ tag!

  1. Hey first of all! Wish you a happy and prosperous belated birthday..! So happy that you did my tag on your birthday..! Hearty Wishes, my friend..! How come I didn’t get a reminder on orkut..?Before you die, you must find the truth..! With you, there..! Elegant looking fontsMobile phone themes!.. hey I too like them.. 🙂Oru rathri koodi (Summer in Bethlehem)Onnini sruthi thazhthi (Doordarshan oldie)Puthu vellai mazhai (Roja).. These are my favs too..!and this one… Found an orphanage and old-age home, when you do.. I’d like to be a co-founder.. and I’m very serious..Have FUn, Take Care and God Bless!With Best Regards,Srijith.


  2. Re: Srijith UnniThanks a lot Sri! Ah, I deleted my orkut profile long back! Hihi…Thanks a lot man! Yes, I do have some plans about founding those. But quite a task.


  3. Quite interesting SreeJ. Belated birthday wishes to you buddy. Hope all well at ur end.Such a good heart to give space for old age home and kids left by parents. I think its not worht to say Orphan just becoz they lost someone isn’t it. Nobody is alone as long as people adopt or sponsor a child.


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