We saved planet Earth!

My team SunTec won the first prize in the Technopark annual Tech-A-Break skit/drama competition. The event was based on the theme ‘Save Planet Earth’. Ours was more of a drama than a skit. I played the lead role ‘God’. πŸ˜€

The storyline goes like this: God and his auxiliaries are worried about the uninspiring developments on Earth. God seeks a way to solve the problems. All his efforts end up in vain, as none of his aides could help him. The drama conveys the message that if we do not live responsibly, it is impossible to save our planet. Now don’t ask me why the Almighty can’t himself save the Earth! πŸ˜›

The drama was my colleague Arun’s idea. He was also the director. The script and dialogues were a joint effort by Arun and me. The drama included visuals, music and poetry. It was quite an experience! We completed the script in two days, went to a professional studio for dubbing and mixing which continued until 2:30 AM on the event day. Finally, in the big evening, professional make-up men reincarnated us into God, his minister, Noah, software professional and angel, all with an old Roman look. Now we feel on top of the world as the efforts we put in gave us best returns.

16 thoughts on “We saved planet Earth!

  1. oh..i wish i was in tvm to see techa break..:-)good that we have mature ideas coming up as skit themes..unlike my “nadaakam” during college..


  2. Great Idea..! Congratulations..! Hope you had a great time..!The theme is seriously the need of the hour..!Have Fun, Take Care and God BLess..!With Best Regards,Srjith.


  3. That’s nice.. Atleast now some initiatives are there n ppl r aware that Planent earth is in danger.. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


  4. Hi sreejith, CONGRATULATIONS! πŸ™‚ Oh God…plz make me come back home.. Now thats no Joke… having played t role of GOD..u GOTTO do something abt it…. So.. we have a script writer here πŸ˜‰ (Completed script in 2 DAYS!??!!! )//2:30 AM on the event day.// :O NOW U guyS ARE REALLY HARDWORKING @SunTec πŸ˜› …. Hope God dnt sleepoff during the play.———————————–Coming to ur comment πŸ™‚ ,that was really nice of u…i just now saw ur comments πŸ™‚ Someone remembers! This new life… has put me in real puzzle….away from home for the very first time in life… Am trying to find myself. Am absolutely lost… am cutoff from all that i used to be/used to do….I miss my home-chennai-.. everything SO VERY MUCH And out of those…blog & my precious blog friends are the ones i miss badly. Work life is going smooth…ppl here are happy with me- but i really am not (out of office). Cheers!! Marutham


  5. Re: MaruthamOh! Anonymous Marutham!!!! You know, the script was completed in two days, but the program had a duration of only 15 minutes! πŸ˜€Yes M! It is disappointing that you miss your good blogger friends. Anyway, it is good to know that your work is good…. All the best!


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