Re: Politics of Sport

Review: Politics of sport

From mere entertaining and body-building means, sport has now evolved to become power-driven businesses. In that respect, ample use of money and nationality come into it. Since a national team is a representation of a country, it is understandable that rivalry is boosted by politics and national interests. Sport has done a lot of good to eliminate discrimination in many areas, but those were mostly at the cost of brilliant players and their careers.

But having said that, one cannot ignore the popularity of the EPL in other parts of the world too. It has the potential to pool in big number of spectators and bigger amounts of money. Sure, people in other parts of the world, especially in Asian countries would love to see their stars playing in front of them. Money will take care of all the other aspects. 🙂 But since the proposed international fixture comes in addition to the 38 home & away matches, it is a serious concern.

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