Why shy away from technology in cricket?

It is so irritating to watch the ongoing test match series between India and Australia, due to nasty unsporting umpiring. Steve Bucknor and Mark Beson have made a disgrace to this profession by making stupid decisions repeatedly. No matter which team benefits from these faulty decisions, it is a shame to the game. Despite India being the affected, the decision of the team management not to raise a complaint against the bad decisions shocked me.

Over the last few years, people have been arguing about the use of technology to assist umpires, or more precisely, to make the game better. The ICC had also experimented its use in a few matches, before withdrawing. Imagine how shameful it is when the guilty umpire sees his faulty judgement on the big screen, right after making it. It adds to his embarrassment, and serves no other purpose. I am of the stand that technology be used everytime the umpires are confused to make a call. This can be used when the umpire is unsure if the ball hit the bat first and then the pad, if a catch was taken perfectly, and similar situations. But it should not be used for direct lbw decisions as there are chances facilities like hokai can be wrong. Having said that, even the third umpire, with all the technology available, has made big mistakes in international matches. So, it becomes more important that only the best umpires be designated to control international matches, irrespective of the country they come from.

Bucknor must have been dropped right after the final of the last world cup, for leading the game into the night and dark.

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  1. Re: J Andrew LockhartIt is so sad that conservatives shy away from technology being used. But I think sooner than later, it has to be implemented to make things easier and perfect.


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