Ginger: Affordable rates for insipid food! :P

A few days back, my friends and I went to Ginger Technopark, a member of the ‘surprisingly affordable’ hotel chain of Tata group. Rates are affordable as their slogan claims, but quality of food is something which they do not advertise, for their own good! We took inputs from a lot of people, most of them giving thumbs down, but in the end we decided to swim against the flow. Indeed, it was asking for trouble. Options were limited for the rate they charge (it is an economy hotel), and food is as tasteless as eating mud. Oh sorry, I haven’t tasted it, but…

I got the feeling that tomato sauce was something invented for Ginger, as almost all items contained its taste. Yuck! The ambience is decent, but that is only second for me. Hihi…

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