Re: The gentle giant – To Ram Guha

Hello Ram,

Absolutely correct! Inzamam could well be rated as the best Pakistani batsman ever, closely followed by Mohammad Yousuf and Javed Miandad.

But then, there had been some serious omissions. Warne’s list could be summarised as based on personal choices and experience. He might know Mark a tinge better than his elder brother! But then Wisden, after rating much innings chose not to select any of Tendulkar’s innings amongst the best 100 tons.

There are more differences than positive comparisons between Inzamam and Tendulkar. Inzy is more of a perfect batsman, with his ease of approach, stance and behaviour at the wicket. Also, he outplays Tendulkar when it comes to chasing.

I first thought that you were writing about the original gentle giant! 🙂

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  1. Ram Guha

    Glad you liked it — yes, all lists, mine included, carry a personalbias!(comment received by email)


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