Did India get independence on August 15, 1947?

This has been a question keeping me confused all the time once I started having a need to read and understand Indian history. The best thing I could imbibe in my mind was the replacement of selfish leaders and rulers with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who was a great leader and visionary – a perfect role model. The absence of such selfless leaders was the cause of the delay in India becoming free from forein rule. Was freedom given or taken? Was India really free after 15th August 1947? I don’t think so.

I believe a country is free only if it has a proper government in place, which is controlled within the limits of the country. There are many other criteria to expand, but this forms the underlying concept of a free nation, since it always demands the ruling set to be independent and native. As per the history I read from my schoolbooks, Mohandas Gandhi and others brought India freedom. It is sad, but I never had a chance to read more than one paragraph each on the contributions of Bose, Bhagat Singh, Azad and never even heard about the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, which was vital in the country earning a freedom nod from the British. Despite all the trouble Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and others took, was our country free from mid August 1947?

The reasons for my disagreement are simple and logical. Nehru and Vallabhai Patel asked Louis Mountbatten to continue as the Governor General of India even after the so-called independence, and the invitee was in office until June 1948! I think all people reading this post know very well that the Governor General is equivalent to the current post of Indian President. Thereafter C Rajagopalachari assumed the office, and continued till India became a Republic in 1950. George VI was the Emperor of India until 1947 and after ‘independence’, he became the King of India and was in this post until 1950! The Governors General were direct representatives of the King of India, and so they reported to him directly! After reading all these, I assumed that India was not an independent country even after we got ‘independence’, at least till we became a Republic. But I was proved wrong again. Britishers were the heads of the Indian army till 1949, Indian Air Force till 1954, and Indian Navy till 1958!

Congress leaders in those times had been demanding Purna Swaraj (complete independence) and it seems like they were happy with the dominion status and a share of power. Since our freedom struggle has a history of many decades, our leaders should have been ready with a plan to ‘rule and rule well’ before ‘accepting’ independence from the invaders. It was not fair to invite a foreigner whom they asked to leave the country (Quit India) to be in charge even after the handcuffs were taken off. It was nothing more than a dominion ‘status’ and a ‘Transfer of Power’ that happened during that midnight. Shame on you Congressmen…

Footnote: Quit India movement (1942) demanded immediate independence for India. Gandhi’s call during the movement was ‘Do or Die’. No one ‘did’ or ‘died’, including the man himself!!!

15 thoughts on “Did India get independence on August 15, 1947?

  1. Hmm.. you`re right, they were not confident of immediately taking on the whole country I guess, or perhaps were overwhelmed by the british aristocracy..! Anyway, I think since we`ve moved ahead since then, it is best to look forward.. It`s good to remember independence, but instead of sticking to ‘A tryst with Destiny’, it`s high time we used the occasion to look towards ‘Mission 2020’.


  2. interesting fact, I didn’t know the proclaimed king (I am very against monarchy) continued for 3 years after independence in India! That is very sad that we don’t get to know al these details because, they just want us to know what they want us to know. On the note of monarchy, it is still prevailing in free India, Mrs Gandhi is the example!


  3. Re: Srijith UnniYes, we were not confident of wearing the ‘free’ tag! What a shame…We might have moved ahead, but the unwanted loyalty is being showed even today… Mission 2020 is okay, but without your past, you couldnt have reached here. We need to analyse the past thoroughly and understand and correct our mistakes…. ‘Past’ is important…


  4. Re: Shafaq*Jaan*Sunrise*This is not a myth dear friend. This is truth and is history… You are right that most people do not know this and they celebrate independence on August 15! What to do!


  5. Till date,I am unable to fathom out the reason for india’s prescence in the commonwealth even after 60 years of independance.it’s no more than a collection of countries that unanimously and shamelessly lick elizabeth’s feet.Our road to development should be laid by first pulling india out of that wretched organisation.


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  7. Hi Sreejith,It is really a thing to be ashamed about.But the silver lining is that the younger generation is not ready to venerate leaders of the freedom struggle like our parents did. This is a welcome sign – a sign of a confident India – the way it should be.I sometimes feel that we begged for our freedom rather than fighting for it rightfully – like Subhas Chandra Bose did. Freedom is won and not given.– Man Anonymoushttp://www.makarajyothi.com


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