Who are YOU to decide? Who decided ALL THESE?

Two very interesting and utmost relevant questions! These were asked by the Information Commissioner to the Home Ministry officials when the latter tried all ways to defend its stand in the Bose disappearance enigma. The CIC scolded the ministry for taking decisions in such critical matters on their own and asked which body (intelligence/ bureaucracy/ politicians) took the decision for non-disclosure of information. A full bench hearing by the CIC (Central Information Council of India) opined that the Home must take a ‘reasoned decision’ in this matter. Home Ministry is of the view that information on Netaji’s disapperance can cause undesirable effects in India, especially in West Bengal. Mission Netaji continues to fight!


14 thoughts on “Who are YOU to decide? Who decided ALL THESE?

  1. That is a brave deed, by the Information Commissioner..! What`s his name.. ? and like Velu said.. Let the fight Win..!Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!With Best Regards,Srijith.


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