Changathippoocha: Poor and moth-eaten!

Movie Review: Changathippoocha

Didn’t expect much from this Jayasurya movie. So, no regrets for wasting my money. Changathippoocha boasts to be a throughout comedy, but you will hardly find any good comedy in it.

This one is about the ages old rivalry between two brothers. The elder one, played by Nedumudi Venu and the younger one, by Jagathy Sreekumar are both wily and shrewd. Jagathy is under a vow that he would wear a shirt only if he could win over his brother! Another boring idiom a director could make!!! In order to defeat his brother, Jagathy brings in a ‘scoundrel’ (the hero) from the neighbouring village to love the daughter of his brother. But the gambit backfires on him, because, by mistake the hero Jayasurya falls in love with Jagathy’s daughter! The story is about the ‘comic’ incidents that happen from then.

Dialogues in the movie are shared mostly between Jagathy, and Saleem Kumar, who appears as Jayasurya’s friend. The combination of Saleem Kumar, Harisree Asokan and Cochin Haneefa blunders out the truth that directors are still afraid to make a hero-oriented movie (which is the trend in Malayalam) with Jayasurya in the lead. This one is on the lines of the Jayasurya movie ‘Pulivaal Kalyanam’, but jerry-built!

The film doesn’t deserve any serious mention in any areas. A banal love story. I would give it 3 out of 10.

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  1. Hi SreejithNot a good movie, huh?Thank you for your visit today and very nice comment.You are right 250 is too old to be writing poems….I switched over to the new blogger, and it showed that age….haha! I am not quite that old…Hope you have a great weekend !Margie


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