RAW evades; but more problems for GoI….

India’s external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has denied of having any information on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, as expected. Mission Netaji‘s RTI crusade as wells as the Indian Government’s peekaboo continues….

Here are some reports: (Links may expire as new news items come in)

Report on The Hindu:

RAW says it has no information on disappearence of Netaji
Kolkata, Feb. 1 (PTI): In its first-ever response to an unofficial body, the country’s premier external intelligence agency Research and Analysis wing (RAW) has informed ‘Mission Netaji’ that it was not holding any information on Subhas Chandra Bose.
Mission Netaji is conducting its own investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the hero and moving various Government agencies for information on the matter. It had requested the RAW under the Right To Information Act for disclosure of any information that it might hold on the issue.
“I am directed to inform you … that the RAW does not have any information pertaining to Netaji. As such no list as requested by you ..can be provided,” under secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat P N Ranjit Kumar told Mission Netaji’s Anuj Dhar in a letter dated January 19.
Kumar also reminded Dhar that the RAW was not obliged to provide any information under the RTI Act.
Dhar, however, is skeptical about RAW’s response.
“In 2001, the then Home Secretary Kamal Pande filed an affidavit before the Mukherjee Commission (which was probing Netaji’s mysterious disappearance). This affidavit listed out several Top Secret/Secret records whose disclosure was likely to evoke widespread reactions and harm India’s relations with friendly countries,” Dhar said.
Dhar said among these records some are with RAW.
It was an ‘Under Office’ note under the identification number 11/1/94-IC-2829 dated March 25, 1994, concerning certain articles based on classified KGB records published in a Russian journal.
Dhar claimed that the RAW had initially informed Mission Netaji that it had no record or files relating to the alleged disappearance of Netaji as the organisation was formed on September 21, 1968.
“And now, P N Ranjit Kumar has made a sweeping statement that RAW does not have any information pertaining to Netaji and that RAW is under no obligation to spill the beans. But it has no licence to mislead either,” Dhar said.
The Delhi-based organisation would now bring the matter to the notice of the Central Information Commission.
At the same time, there is something more to be happy about! The Kolkata High Court has asked the Indian Government to come up with the reason for its rejection of the Justice Mukherjee Commission report on Netaji Bose. The commission had reached the conclusion that Bose didn’t die in any aircrash on 18th August 1945. The commission report was rejected outright by the government, without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

The news can be had at Headlines India: (Link may expire as new news items come in)

HC seeks clarification on report on Netaji

Kolkata: The rejection of the Justice Manoj Mukherjee Commission’s report on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s disappearance on Friday came under scrutiny by the Calcutta High Court, which asked the Central government to clarify through an affidavit its decision to set it aside. A division bench comprising acting Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice K K Prasad gave the government six weeks to file the affidavit, after which the matter would come up for hearing. The order followed a PIL by advocate Rudrajyoti Bhattacharya, who challenged the rejection of the Commission’s report by the government. He claimed it had rejected the report in just one line without assigning any reason. Bhattacharya claimed the report had concluded, on the basis of available evidence, that Netaji did not die in an air crash at Taihoku on August 18, 1945. He claimed the Commission, which was set up by the Union government on the direction of a division bench of the High Court in 1998, had submitted its report to home ministry. The ministry disagreed with the report in May 2006 without assigning any reason, he alleged.

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    Reading thelinks u had given here boss!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Btw, the other day happened to see a chat show with the heroine of the movie notebook & got reminded of u!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Coz, this is where i read t review first.And was lucky enough to hear some tracks…Enjoyed them.

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  2. Re: Marutham


    Thanks a lot gurl! Read all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. well..my comment might seem to be funny, but I’m writing it seriously..Perhaps the best way to get hands on info over the truth would be to bribe some government official / politician who has access to the required departments.


  4. i saw recently in german telivision abt netaji..how he interacted with hitler to get the countries freedom..although coulndt understand much coz of my sad proficieny in deutsch…but they mentioned abt mission netaji and their fight..kudos……..


  5. Re: MathewGreat to know that from you Matt! In fact, Hitler had a lot of admiration for Bose, which is evident from the following words from the Fuhrer himself… This was when he was addressing the INA men..โ€œYou are fortunate having been born in a country of glorious cultural traditions and a colossal manpower. I am impressed by the burning passion with which you and your Netaji seek to liberate your country from foreign domination. Your Netaji’s status is even greater than mine. While I am the leader of 80 million Germans, he is the leader of 400 million Indians. In all respects, he is a greater leader and a greater general than myself. I salute him and Germany salutes him. It is the duty of all Indians to accept him as their fรผhrer and obey him implicitly. I have no doubt that if you do this, his guidance will lead India very soon to freedom.โ€


  6. hmmm…interesting. i didnt follow the links but read your report.Im not sure why netaji was not appreciated during those times..perhaps it was against the plans that nehru already had..and he felt everyhting was heading in the right direction for him..and congress to gain political power..well, mainly him, and so didnt want any disturbance is the stauts quo.. (yes, im one of those few who think nehru just hopped onto a bandwagon, everything else he said and did was subsidiary to his getting hwere he wanted to go. sorry if that offends you.)I do hope


  7. Re: Mystic RoseWell…. Certainly Netaji’s vision for India was a lot different from Nehru’s, at least in the way they wanted to achieve it… His coming out was not in the interest of Nehru’s vision…You didn’t offend me; don’t worry. ๐Ÿ˜€Thanks a lot for your visit! Do come back again please…. ๐Ÿ™‚


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