Ideal Christmas message: "A citizen is none compared with a foreigner!"

The greatest injustice any government could have done to a patriot…. I have only this to tell in one sentence about the Indian government’s refusal to make the papers on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose public. Previously, it had agreed to make certain papers declassified so that the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a great leader could have ended. Now, the government has come up with a statement that they are not going to make the files pertaining to the mystery public. At least, we at Mission Netaji were able to force the Indian government do a self-excoriation with this disclosure! It is baffling to see that the same government is taking utmost care about the security and life of Sonia Gandhi now!
I am very proud to say that I am an unswerving Bose supporter. Thence, my views can be biased. So, you please think neutrally.
  • A great freedom fighter in Netaji Bose during the Indian struggle for freedom
  • A great patriot who devoted his all to the nation and its people
  • A person who died in a plane crash 61 years ago, according to the Indian government
  • A person who did not die in any way 61 years ago, according to evidences and authentic reports
Now answer this:
  • If Bose had really died in 1945, and that too in a plane crash, why on earth should the Indian government refuse to declassify reports on his death?
  • Why should the government say that the disclosure of the death of a national hero will affect its foreign relations even after a good six decades?
It seems like Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are the only Indian freedom fighters (!) according to the list with the government. I now feel ashamed to say I am an Indian….
From the actions of the government, the following are clear:
  • That Bose did not die in 1945
  • That the Japanese, Russians, Americans, British and some others knew & know about the real incidents in this mystery
  • That there is an earth shattering element underneath the top layer of mystery
  • The disclosure of that element would cause, even after 61 years, inconceivable consequences in the modern world.
True Indians cannot be kept shut with such statements. Our aim is to dismantle the mystery and show the world that the selfless courageous man was in India, even after his official death. Yes….!

14 thoughts on “Ideal Christmas message: "A citizen is none compared with a foreigner!"

  1. I doubt whether the The politicians would ever allow the Truth to come to the open.

    But as i trust, that Truth always triumphs ,It will. Patience and will power should help.

    I salute your will power to know the truth.

    Merry christmas and Happy 2007 to you, Sreejith.


  2. Hey Sreejith,
    Indeed this issue has been kept under the covers for a long time now .. its high time the truth be told..
    But, one thing which I wanted to mention that.. we know that Netaji was a great freedom fighter and hence we do not need the corrupt government’s assent for the same..
    However, its not wrong on our part to expect atleast this much from our government, but it would be true only if the Government had a bit of shame, but alas! we all know the truth..
    Keep up the good work..


  3. Hi!
    Best wishes for 2007. Let us hope truth will come out in this year.

    Given the treatment meted out to freedom fighters who are are not aligned to Gandhi/Nehru camp, it looks there are two India. One gained freedom and the other was dumped in the night of 15th Aug 1947.

    Even the role of those so called leader during 1943 famine, in which more 3lakh people died, needs a study; to know the true color of present politicians.


  4. The actions of Politicians and agencies make one thing very clear – 1. Netaji did not die in Plane crash2. Successive bunch of politicians; irrespective of their political ideology had vested interest in keeping the facts under cover3. British and Russia both knew some thing about Netaji4. Netaji was and still is the most popular political icon. Yet nobody tried to encash that imageIt only goes to prove – the current bunch of Politicians acted and satisfied the Grand diplomatic plans crafted by Britishers; which had no place for a leader like Netaji. Otherwise in these long years some country would have spilled the beans.Now, given the logical conclusion that our ministry knew about Netaji, it willfully spent public money in maintaining Renokoji Temple. I think we should start legal proceedings to recover the taxpayers money and cheating nation by the people in power.


  5. Re: AnonymousYou hit the nail on the head!! very good thoughts… The money spent on the Renkoji ashes is nothing but the taxpayers’ money being wasted…Great to have such a thought here! 🙂


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