Mission Netaji in the news again; this time GoI yielding!

Mission Netaji, in its sustained effort to bring out the truth regarding the disappearace of Indian legend Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, successfully forced the Government of India to chew over the subject. Even though the Ministry of External Affairs is not ready to cooperate, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has yielded to our request of inspecting the classified documents with it. The PMO informed Mission Netaji that steps have been taken to inspect the secret files with the PMO and send them to the National Archives of India after declassification. It is a good sign that the government has at least promised to review the documents, thanks to the Right To Information Act (RTI Act).

Some of the coverage we got: – (Links might expire as new news items come in)
The Malayalam Press Release can be had here.

52 thoughts on “Mission Netaji in the news again; this time GoI yielding!

  1. Thanks for visiting again!
    Missed you!
    A very interesting post!
    I just wanted to let you know I appreciated you visit, and nice comment!
    I won’t be blogging or visiting my blogger friends for a little while…as I took a bad fall, and need bedrest!

    Take care!



  2. yes, Perseverance is the word.

    To get to know the truth only by diligence,

    What hurts in today’s time, only a few care/need/want truth.

    After knowing the truth,(ie if we know) we will allow the media to harp on it. SAD!

    Sreejith, I wish for the best.


  3. Re: Passerby55

    Yes, the media overlook the heroes of the past and don’t understand that we are here because of them… It is indeed sad…

    Thanks a lot for the wishes PB. We need them badly! πŸ™‚


  4. Re: Kalyan

    Well, I rate him as the greatest Indian born thus far….

    If you are asking me my opinion about the mystery, I believe that he was in India and died most probably on 16th September 1985…


  5. Re: J Andrew Lockhart

    Yes, Andy! Everything okay…. It is just that I have switched companies and the new atmosphere has more restrictions due to the confidential nature of my work… I may not be able to blog or visit other blogs that often from now… 😦


  6. We might just end up opening a pandora’s box..there will be a lot more secrets to his death that we envisaged. But reality has to be told to the nation, atleat with cases of leaders like netaji


  7. Good work. Keep it up.

    The possibilities and powers afforded by RTI has to sink into people’s minds. You are laying the ground work for many generations to take control of their lives.


  8. hi .. had left a comment … dont know if u got it ….

    neway , what i had written was :

    i have always admired – , and still do – Netaji and Bhagat Singh

    The links that u have put up here are all blocked 😦


  9. Re: Maya Cassis

    Hmmm… Enjoying the new atmosphere Maya…. No new posts on my blog for a long time now… hmmm, I also wish to see something here! πŸ˜›

    Hope you are enjoying life too… Merry Christmas to you! A happy new year to go with it…..


  10. I am moved by your effort to get the truth about Netaji. Truly, he was the greatest patriot who brought us freedom but the enemies of state (Nehru and his dynasty) got to take the glory while Netaji is like a dead man who never got a proper burial. It makes me sick none of us did anything to pay respect to this great individual. I am a US resident and would like to donate for your journey to establish truth about this great leader who sacrificed so much to ensure you and me can lead our live with out heads held high. What is the best way to do this?


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