Mission Netaji picking up!

PTI (Press Trust of India) has given a brilliant coverage for Mission Netaji today! The Home Ministry refused to give copies of the documents supplied to the Shah Nawaz and GD Khosla commissions earlier, to the Central Information Commission. Thankfully, Mission Netaji is in the news now!

See some of the news: – (Some links might expire as more news come in)

The Telegraph
Malayala Manorama
Times of India
Indian Express
The Pioneer
Deccan Herald
The Tribune
DNA India
Zee News
IBN Live
Navbharat Times
Amar Ujala Desh

6 thoughts on “Mission Netaji picking up!

  1. well its for obvious reasons that they dont want it to get out isnt it? the complicity of the top brass of the congress in keeping netaji out of india will be out…and a time, when credibilty of gandhi and nehru is at a low ebb in the country, that image will be dealt a mortal blow…

    but that should only make us fight harder…

    as fredrick douglass said “power concedes nothing without a fight, never has and never will”…


  2. Re: Ronnie

    You are right. The truth coming out will only help to tarnish the images of Nehru and Gandhi and the Congress as a whole.

    Yes, as long as the truth is stifled, we will only grow tougher towards our fight.

    Yes, power concedes only with a strong fight.


  3. It seems you are too patriotic. Well, I am not patriotic. I left patriotism when i was in 9th class. since you know malayalam, I recommend you to read Jaivamanushyan by Anand. especially, the chapter ‘sathwathinte manangal’…also I suggest you to grow up..



  4. Re: Robby

    Well, if you are not parriotic, I can’t help it. Being patriotic to me, is not anything related to destructing the other nations or nationals. Patriotism if truly understood, is one of the best feelings you can experience. One more, even if you are not patriotic, you owe quite a lot to the freedom fighters who were patriotic, for the freedom you enjoy today.

    I shall try to get a copy of the same. Thanks for the suggestion. But I am afraid, my mind wouldn’t change…..


  5. I was looking for some comment by Mition Netaji on the appearance of baba lalji maharaj, and subsequent silence in media about what followup has been done on the reports. It seems still congress wants to suppress everything about netaji, really feeling sorry for these feble minded people.


  6. Re: Dinesh

    The latest Baba on the horizon is a total fakery! This man claimed that he was Netaji and that he was 125 years old. Netaji could have been only 109, which means that the poor old man was weak in Maths and had not done the homework clearly! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your views Dinesh…


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